Thursday, January 13, 2011

CP's foster Slater gets a bath and brushout on his way to his foster home!

Written by a CP Volunteer

I gave Slater, my new Bed & Biscuit, a bath this morning as he was STINK--EE. I think maybe they took him to a groomer around the holidays, as his hair is trimmed around his face and he was wearing a fraying Christmas scarf. The weather is so crummy, I couldn't get a good picture, and he has zero eye contact most of the time. This was the best that I could do.

The good news is that he did not attempt to mark anything to/from the front yard and keeps his crate clean. He walks pretty well on a leash but can really go fast if he wants to. He pee's like a horse!! And seems to be a poop hoarder. He has not growled at anyone since last night, and seems to think I am ok. He will not let me see his teeth, and he was underwhelmed with washing his nether regions.

His eyes remind me so much of ArkieFox. And that intake photo was very pathetic.

Slater will need to spend two weeks in his foster home for evaluation before he is available for adoption but you can check out the other available cairns by clicking here and check back later to find out more about him.

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