Thursday, January 20, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Out of the blowing snow and bone chilling temperatures emerged the Cold Hard Facts. Three little Cairns that have endured nature's and man's worst. Their fate was up in the air on Saturday, with one of them facing certain death ... and then their lives changed forever when our rescue angel worked her magic and loaded them in her van and told them they were safe, they were Col.'s kids now.

The Cold Hard Facts are very special furkids in more than one way. They are all named from our Name a Rescue Cairn program, so carry some special names:

Nikki B. - Female, wheaten, 8 years old - named in memory of a wonderful foster sister, with love from Tillie (now Miss Parker)

Chiryle - Female, wheaten, 8 years old, has only one tooth left in her mouth - named for a very special person from Eraser and Cindy U's foster dad, Dave U.

Sir Harley - Male brindle, 10 months - named in memory of beloved cairn Harley who crossed the bridge on July 19, 2007 from Sharon J.

Please remember Col. Potter can only help those Cairns we have the resources to assist. This includes financial, so keep voting in the Shelter Challenge and donating to Name A Rescue Cairn program among other things, volunteers giving of their time and talents on all of the Col.'s teams and of course, foster homes, so please consider opening your heart and your home to a Cairn.

The Cold Hard Facts have beat the odds and the fact of the matter now is they have nothing but a happily ever after to look forward to.

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