Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jude's kids - a year later

Written by Jude's kids' Adoptive Mom

My Tags Team friends have asked that I post an update on how Jude's kids are doing. Hard to believe it's nearly been a year. They are healthy, happy, and well-loved members of the 15-dog Paul Pack.

Murphy turned 14 this summer and is never more than 3 steps away from Steve. He's logged hundreds of hours as "Site Supervisor" for Steve's outdoor projects. He has a sweet, sunny disposition and settles contentedly into the recliner with Steve for lap time every evening. He sleeps in bed with us every night.

Molly turns 15 in a couple weeks. She's totally blind, but navigates the house and yard with the confidence and precision of a fighter pilot. We carry her in and out so she doesn't have to navigate the steps on the deck, but other than that, she's completely independent. Her favorite thing is her daily sunbath in front of the patio windows. As the sun moves, so does she, to soak up every last ray.

Chloe, the Bird Hunter Extraordinaire, is in heaven here. An acre of fenced yard in the woods, with 24-7 access via the dog door is a hunter's paradise. She's fast and has gotten a couple birds, which reminds me of the sweet story Jude wrote about "Chloe's Three Breakfasts." Like Jude, yelling "Drop it!" just makes her chew faster. Chloe was kind of aloof when she got here, but has warmed up and is never far from the action. Her pancreatic insufficiency is in good control. She sleeps in bed with us every night.

Punkin is a doll! Skitterish at first, she now plants herself in front of us with her gargly bark demanding to be picked up. If you've ever seen the little black dog on the "Suzie's Zoo" cards, Punkin could have posed for that. Of all of our dogs, she is the cutest. She's also the least housebroken. I'm not sure she's ever peed outside, but we don't care. That's why God invented mops. She sleeps on my pillow and I can feel her breath on my cheek all night.

We still feel sad about Kiera, who was 15 and got kennel cough that turned into pneumonia from her stay in animal control. She died on her third day with us -cradled in my arms as she took her last breath. Her last memories were of being held, kissed, and loved. Sometimes, that's all you can give them.

I know Jude is at peace. Her kids have a good life - they're together and they're loved. Thank you all for your good wishes on their first anniversary with us.

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