Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sarut Potter has been adopted! She's keeping both her eyes! Read the update!

Written by Sarut Potter, her foster mom (and her keyboarding assistant) and her new adoptive mom

Note from CP's blogger: We're happy to share the news that Sarut aka Sugar has been adopted! Yesterday's eye exam is wonderful news and she will be keeping both of her eyes! She will continue her road to recovery in her forever home. Thank you to all of you who contributed to this happy ending.

From her adoptive mom

Jan 27, 2011

Sarut had an intensive eye exam last evening. The left eye has alot of permanent scar tissue and there is loss of peripheral vision. She seems to have some central vision although not much. Her vision in the left eye may improve but it's hard to determine. Her right eye still has some of the ulcer in it but another week or so of the antibiotic drops will likely take care of it. Her vision in the right eye is expected to improve. She will need drops for"Dry Eye" for life, although not as intensely as thus far. The doctor is willing to mix a special natural recipe that she feels is healthier and more effective. Sarut will have regular follow-ups. This was an intensive exam ,involving lots of chemicals in the eyes, instruments, lights, walking exams with obstacles, etc., and Sarut was a complete angel throught the whole thing.

The vets and staff were in tears the whole time! Sarut also received an Ohio rabies tag and dog license, a vaccine that had somehow been missed, Chees-Wiz throughout the process, poopy sample, and lots of hugs and kisses. RESULTS: NO REASON TO REMOVE EITHER EYE!!!!!!!!Our sincere thanks to everyone for your prayers!!!!!!! Our cost-$33.75- YES!!!!! The doctors said they can write off a certain amount for special rescue cases and they do not advertise this. Due to what we've invested already and due to Sarut's story and what they read in her records provided by CP, they felt this was a very special case. We went there prepared to pay thousands!!! What a celebration, and we thought everyone at CP should know Sarut's good news!!! Thank-you Col. Potter!!!!

You know what the vet also mentioned? Had Col. Potter not stepped in when they did, and had the foster mommy not been so relentless from day one, Sarut most certainly would have had to have both eyes out. Col. Potter and Kim's dedication and persistence actually saved this girl's eyes!!!!!! A big scratch behind the ear for Col. Potter and Kim!!

Jan 25, 2011

Saurt's new Mom Laura says... "*OMG!!!! This little angel is the sweetest little thing we've ever seen!! She's just joined in as though she's been here for ten years! The other ones sniffed her for a moment then went about their business. She did the same. She really doesn't act as though she has a vision problem at all, even though we know she does. She went way out into the yard, wagging her tail and exploring the snow. She prances around the house with a certain pep in her step. We ADORE her. She's trying to engage the others in play even! She is fun to have around already!!! We are extremely pleased and her little tail wags soooooo hard!! She truly seems thrilled and we definitely are. It's love for sure!!!!!!!!!!*"

Jan 25, 2011

From Sarut's Foster Mom

Little Sarut aka Sugar should be in the air winging her way to a happy and loving furever in Ohio with our new members Laura and Michael P. These are fantastic people and will do everything in their power to make Sugar the happiest furbutt in the world.

Huge thank you to everyone for making this possible. Without each and every one of you this girl never would have lived to see her next birthday. And now you can all feel proud that not only will she see her next birthday but she will be warm and loved.

Here are photos of Sugar on her pretty blankets, thank you blanket aunties. She also just got some bling bling in the mail and had to show that off as well, thank you bling bling auntie!

Jan 25, 2011

From Sarut’s new Mom

I've adopted Sarut; in fact I'm leaving in a short while to pick her up at the airport! We're so excited that we've been up all night. This is our first Cairn and we look forward to everything that we KNOW we're in for. I'm sure Sarut would like to let everyone know how she's doing in her forever home and how the training of her new mom and dad is going. We look forward to learning all we can about more ways to please this little one- if she allows us time! I've become a huge fan of Col. Potter through the adoption process and an anxious to be a part of this group and get to know even more of this wonderful family.

Jan 24, 2011

I'm getting adopted TOMORROW!

Jan 24, 2011

Time to tell everyone my BIG secret. Wait - how about a guessing game? Everyone take a guess. And no, I am not expecting puppies. Those days are over. ♥ Princess Sarut (I will let everyone know what it is about 9 Pm EST unless my typing fingers fall asleep . Then it will be tomorrow. Ohhhhhhh tomorrow. I can not wait until TOMORROW! Oh and Laura Lovie you can not play. )

January 19th, 2011

Here I am. See I can bark bark bark.

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