Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome Bumble!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Please give a warm welcome to CP's new boy, Bumble. This sweet 4 year old wheaten cairn boy was surrendered to a shelter when his very sad family lost their home and could no longer keep him. He is reported to be very sweet, friendly, gentle, quiet, high energy, smart and eager to please. He’s also said to be housebroken and knows sit and shake. Reports from the vet where he is boarding are glowing. He is loving running and zooming in the snow in the enclosed yard.Bumble's name was chosen after the Abominable Snow Monster in Rudolph. His face reminded Foster Mom of Bumble. Seems appropriate given his love of zooming in the cold snow! Welcome Bumble!


Montana-Hens said...

This boy is calling my name. What a sad story to know a family and love and have to give it up.

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network said...

He will have a 2 week evaluation period in his foster home and then you can see how he is doing at by searching Available Cairns. Thanks for reading our blog!