Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Valentine's a day for love and be close to someone special. Everyone wants to be loved and have someone to love. That includes the more than 100 dogs seized in the Medina, OH incident this past weekend. From what we know, these poor creatures lived in deplorable conditions; cramped cages, their own filth and excrement, fighting for food and water. They didn't know love or comfort.

Maybe it's symbolic ... Valentine's Day, February 14...a day filled with Famous Lovers and their stories. Col. Potter has identified 14 of the dogs as Cairns and all will be coming into the CP family. They will now learn what it is to be loved and cared for and create their own stories of Famous Lovers. This is a major undertaking for CP with a group of this size while still being able to help the other Cairns that need us. We will be announcing a fundraiser shortly to help support the Famous Lovers. We still have much to learn about CP's Famous Lovers as far as their condition, age and temperament, but today these Famous Lovers finally have someone to love and care about them--their CP family. Introducing CP's Famous Lovers:

Aphrodite - pregnant female

Adonis - male

Abelard - male

Heloise - female

Cyrano - male

Echo - male

Pierrot - male

Romeo - male

Juliet - female

Paolo - male

Roxanne - female

Pierrette - female

Narcissus - female

Francesca - female

Please save a special place in your heart today for these babies, CP's Famous Lovers. It is only through the support and generosity of you, CP's supporters that make helping these furkids possible. Today is truly a day of love and caring ... WELCOME FAMOUS LOVERS!!!

You can also donate by clicking on the Chip-In link at the top of this page. Thank you for you continuing support of Col. Potter.

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