Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reminder: Epilepsy Dogs, Other Sick Pups & Sick Owners - Refill Meds in Advance!

Written by a CP Volunteer

With the weather being as horrible as it has been for many people it's a great time to remember that it is REALLY important to NEVER allow for your medications, whether they are for you or your pup, cat, birdy, reptilian buddy, etc - never, ever, allow your prescriptions to run out!

A good rule of thumb, plan to call in a refill when you have approximately 10-14 days of the medication left.

For epilepsy dogs - it's really important to keep an eye on the medications that are used in emergency situations - liquid diazapam - ALSO remember, if diazapam is stored in a plastic syringe WILL become ineffective over a short period of time. Have your vet dispense in glass, or dispose of your plastic syringes every 6 months for new ones.

You never know when something like this weather will happen, that's going to keep you stuck inside and off the roads and from doing your regular routine. NONE of us or our pups should be without medication because of Mother Nature.

I try to keep 1 month of medications on hand at all times. It's just one piece of mind that I know I don't need to panic about when lights are out, we're stuck inside, if it gets cold without heat, etc.

Please try to do the same for yourself and your pups. I hate to see or hear about people or pets suffering because of this.

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