Saturday, February 12, 2011

The True Cost of Abdication: Corgis not Cairns now have the run of the castle!

Written by CP Blog Intern

The Oscar nominated film The King's Speech is the story of King George VI overcoming his stammer. While the humanity and drama of a royal undergoing such a human trial is undeniable, equally fascinating are the political machinations that received only a passing mention, if any, in the film. While the fallout from his brother's engagement and subsequent abdication out of his love for divorcee Wallis Simpson is certainly fascinating, the real story is how as King Edward VIII stepped down, so too did Cairn Terriers as the royal pet!

King George V was an animal lover. His prized parrot oversaw many of his official signings from a perch behind his desk. He also loved Cairns, and his son David, aka King Edward VIII, inherited this love. He even purchased a Cairn Terrier for his love Wallis Simpson in 1934. Of his gratitude toward his prized Cairn Slipper's companionship, David wrote:

‘He followed me around The Fort; he slept by my bed; he was the mute witness of my meetings with the Prime Minister.’ One of the defining aspects of the Cairn breed, as we all know, is their loyalty and it seems no one knew it better than the former king.

Wallis Simpson with Slipper, a gift from King Edward VIII

When David stepped down and George VI's reign began, thus ended the era of Cairns as the royal pet. Still, the monarchy's loss is our gain and while our Cairns may not live in a proper royal castle, they are still masters of our domains.

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