Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CP foster Roxanne of the Famous Lovers has 4 puppies, 3 boys and a boy angel!

Written by Roxanne and the puppies' foster mom

Last night, Roxanne, another one of the Famous Lovers group had her puppies, just two short days after arriving in her foster home and a week earlier than the vet had anticipated. The first boy weighed in at 9.5 oz, the second at 8 oz, the 3rd boy was stillborn and sadly he was unable to be resucitated. Boy #4 was born at 11:45, is also a male, weighs 8 oz. & is the darkest one - almost, but not quite black, Mother Roxanne & boys are tucked in & resting well. Ok, she is resting & just heaved a big sigh. The little ones are latched on and eating. I put a load of laundry in so we will have more fresh bedding & headed for bed to dream of names; I haven't had time to even think about that.

This morning, Momma Roxanne ate her breakfast enthusiasticly and had another good drink. The boys are lined up at the bar again.

On Saturday, CP volunteer transporters drove almost 1800 miles to deliver 4 little cairns to their foster homes. Roxanne was at the end of the line. She was moved 800 miles in a little less than 12 hours of driving. She was not real happy to be in the "laundry suite" all by herself but has settled into her crate for the night. I was able to get her toy and blanket into the washer so they will be fresh for her tomorrow. Monday she had an appointment for a radiograph to count puppies and I spent the day setting up a maternity suite for her. She willingly accepts skritches. I let her just piddlle on newpapers tonight and will take her out on leash into the fenced yard to see how she does with that.

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