Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dr. Seuss Puppies Learn to Play

Contributed by Aphrodite and her puppies' foster mom

Aphrodite's puppies were 4 weeks old yesterday and they are just learning how to play. I can't send you puppy breath through the blog, so I took this movie for you to watch. This was taken at 7 a.m., if I sound a little 'blurry'. lol

If you aren’t able to view the YouTube video click here.

Their personalities are just starting to blossom. Here's what we've learned so far.

Mulberry likes toys, especially balls that she can push around with her nose. She also likes to pounce. She gives a little hoppity-skip when she does it.

Lori doesn't let anybody push her around. She's a very brave little girl. She's also the littlest of the group, but oh so cute!

Horton is our vocal boy. He wants to tell you ALL about it. (all about ANYTHING).

Star is the biggest in the litter right now. She is the typical cairn princess and likes to boss the others around.

Mooney is our quiet boy. He likes to play best with Mulberry, who is also quiet.

Yertle likes to play with the boys. He and Horton are pretty rough and tumble. Yertle also has the biggest paws. We call him our teacup Newfie. ;-)

Aphroditie and her puppies are being fostered in Missouri. They are not yet available for adoption.

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