Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Written by Amy R., CP's Board of Directors

Hello everyone

We’d like to announce a special fundraiser for our VERY special FAMOUS LOVERS. This group of 14 Cairns came in from the Medina OH hoarder seizure on February 14, 2011 – yes, Valentine’s Day!!!!

All of these fur babies are in different stages of condition, but they all need a lot of love and care. We need your help to give them that care.

Less than ONE week after being rescued, one of the girls (Aphrodite) gave birth to a litter of six puppies. In a week or so, another one of the girls (Roxanne) will be bringing four or five puppies into Col. Potter. We hope they are all healthy, but if they need help, we surely want to be able to provide it to them.

This fundraiser will help us bring all the adults back to health and happiness, and provide for the care these puppies are going to need to get them through their “puppy hood”.


The prizes are awesome and include the ORIGINAL ACRYLIC painting by Kimberly Santini of “Cairn Kisses”, a Hand Carved Crystal Cairn Sculpture and a collection of Cairn statues willed to Col. Potter by our BELOVED Carol “Sister Bubbles” Loeb.

Please help us help these new little ones and buy some squares for these AWESOME prizes.

Don’t forget the other special fundraisers we have open right now as well.
Cairn Cottage: http://mall.cairnrescue.com/inv_cairncotg.htm

10th Anniversary Package: http://mall.cairnrescue.com/inv_10yrtoybox.htm

Pound Puppy Quilt: http://mall.cairnrescue.com/pound_puppy_quilt.htm

Thanks so much!

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