Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Proper Way to Treat Your Dog

Written by CP's Blog Intern
One of the hardest things about being an animal lover is remembering that animals aren't people. They don't feel the same way we do about things, they don't react or think the same way we do. It's easy to try and justify their behavior with human emotions because we know a thing or two about being human and very little about being a dog.

Take love for example. We love our pets unconditionally, but is the same true for a dog? Sure we have tales of dogs rescuing owners in apparently self-less demonstrations like facing down a pair of coyotes or racing into a fire, but is this because animals are self-less, or looking out for themselves? In a practical sense, your animal relies on you for food and shelter. It is thus in their best interests to protect you and keep you alive.

This shouldn't burst anyone's bubble. The familial units we've placed our dogs into strongly resemble the pack mentalities of their wolf ancestors. Their behavior is nothing unusual, and their care for you is genuine. It's just from a different place than what you feel for them. Dogs are not human, and assuming their behavior has the same causes as that in humans can be dangerous. If your dog is lethargic and mopey, its probably not because he's sad. This can be a much more serious indication of an underlying condition that requires immediate veterinary attention.

In the end, it's the differences between man and dog that make the strength of the bond between them so remarkable.

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Sal said...

I do love my dogs very much..thanks for sharing the article..