Monday, March 21, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Slater has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but he will not soon be forgotten. You just never know when a new case comes into Intakes exactly what direction it will take CP. In Slater's case, it seemed like a fairly simple case of stubborn little boy Cairn that wanted to mark in the house and owner's that didn't know how to train him out of this. There were no signs of the true medical reason. It wasn't until he reached his foster home and his food was changed to a higher protein, better quality and this sweet, little boy turned aggressive to the resident furkids that we started looking for answers, causes and solutions. Porto systemic liver shunt was certainly not what Col. Potter wanted to hear for Slater. This is a difficult surgery at best, but with the help of meds and a restricted diet, you could see the sweet, little boy Slater truly was. This adorable little boy deserved the chance. There aren't alot of rescues that are willing or able to give a furkid like Slater this chance, but Col. Potter, with your help and support, was able to. No, it certainly didn't work out how we had all hoped, but Slater knew he was loved and spent his final months living inside a home with a family and will forever be a part of this family now.

Please don't blame the former family. They just didn't know. Slater didn't produce any of the other systems that were encountered once he came into CP because of the type of food he was fed. They didn't know how much water he was consuming and urinating because they had him living outside. Even days prior to surrender, he was checked out by his vet and given a clean bill of health. A liver shunt is not something that most would look for under the circumstances.
There is a way you can honor and remember Slater, and one I'm sure he would want. SUPPORT COL. POTTER, so other little Cairns can have a chance, just like Slater.

Intakes is currently working on a large group of Cairns that would be coming in next weekend. As always, we can only help those we have the resources for. We need foster homes, we need volunteers and we need financial support. If you are a foster home and not currently on my list of available foster homes and can foster a furkid, please contact me privately. If you think you can't foster, think again. If you think it's too hard to let them go, think about them dying instead. Please consider becoming a foster home for Col. Potter. Without volunteers working on ALL the various teams within Col. Potter we cannot continue to support the Col. Potter program at it's current size. We NEED HELP!! We NEED YOU!! Fill out the Volunteer Form from the website today. Finally, please consider skipping that cappacino or latte for a week, bring your brown bag lunch next week instead of going out, watch a movie on satellite tomorrow night instead of going out to the movies and donate that amount in Remembrance of Slater so he can help some other Cairns just like CP helped him.

My heart is breaking, my eyes having been leaking since I received the call from Amy about Slater, but let's not forget this special little boy that we all came to know and love. Let's honor him and remember him by helping other Cairns ...

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