Saturday, March 19, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Recently, three little Cairns--the Family Trio--made their way to freedom thanks to Col. Potter. We are told the three are related, so we believe we have mother, son and daughter. I was especially happy that the matriarch of this family made it to freedom and would no longer have to "work for a living", but now would be a spoiled, pampered Cairn Princess.

The Family Trio also have another family connection to CP - they all have names from the Name a Cairn Program. Please remember this program for any special event or a wonderful way to remember and honor a loved one. It truly is the gift that gives the gift of life!!

I'm very pleased to introduce our Family Trio:

Vaughn: Female, cream brindle, born 10/6/03, our matriarch of the Family Trio - donated by Kim V. in memory of her mother who passed away 1/13/11

Vonnee: F, wheaten, born 8/24/07 - donated by Kim V. in memory of her mother Evonnee Kelly whose nickname was Vonnee.

Bravo: Male, wheaten, born 4/21/06 - donated by Jane C. in memory of Bravo H. Chongruk.

The Family Trio are reported to be sweet with good personalities. Finding their way to the CP family will write a whole new chapter in their book of happily ever after. Please help me welcome the Family Trio!

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