Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beware of finding your pet on craigslist

Written by CP's Blog Intern

We've all had the urge: the urge to browse. Glancing over our shoulders where our spouses or bosses can't see we start perusing Petfinder, oggling the pets that could be ours if circumstances were different. Should you be looking at these sites with the intent to adopt, beware, as some of the most common methods scammers use are online postings about free pets.

Here are some things to look for:

-Posts that ask for an e-mail containing information about your house, ie a description, what your neighborhood is like, what the inside of your house has in it, etc. Beware, as this is the same kind of information burglars take into account when planning a robbery! This is the kind of information that should be disclosed over the phone, or in person, so at least you have information about the other party to protect yourself with.

-Posts from strange countries like Nigeria. There are legalities involved in transporting any animal across the border and I highly doubt any cross-country breeder of repute would be on Craig's List.

-Posts that ask for payment in advance of even seeing the pet. This one should be obvious, but in an age of mindless digital spending people can be quick on the draw with their Debit cards or PayPal accounts. After all, the adoption fee/reservation for that adorable terrier was only fifty dollars!

-People willing to send the dog to a home without visiting it first. This is a sign the dog you could be rescuing may be coming from a bad situation. It could be sick, malnourished, and that bit about it having all its shots could be a bunch of hogwash. At the very least be cautious.

-If it sound too good to be true: It is.

We all love animals. Just remember in your search for a new best friend that there are people in the world who will take advantage of you if they can.

Col. Potter has volunteers who search craigslist, petfinders and online for cairns in need of rescue. Please 'adopt, don't shop' and consider rescuing your next best friend.

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