Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Endings - Daisey – a gift from a friend - our first rescue cairn

Contributed by Daisey's adoptive mom

What are friends for? Well to name just a few things, friends need each other for their support, on what to wear to a formal dinner, or to ask what they think of current events. Friends also help each other in good times and bad. Well 11 years ago, one such friend of mine sent me a picture of a beautiful little wheaten girl Cairn Terrier named Pepper. I immediately fell in love with her. “Why are you sending me this picture?” I asked. My friend replied “she needs a good home”.

Now that got my attention. I already had 2 Cairns at home Mickey and Minnie, a brother and sister that we purchased from a breeder, and they would love to have a new playmate. So, Daisey, as she is now known, came to Bob and me in November 1999. What a wonderful Cairn she is! We learned that she was just over one year old, the daughter of our dear friend’s (also) rescued Cairn “Ginger” and she could be ours. She immediately fit in so perfectly and still remains the “boss” of everything. She is the only fur butt that sleeps with us each night – she will defend us to the death. She never uses the kitchen as her personal restroom, and has even brought her Mama two birdies! Yuk!!! Daisey will be 13 years old on August 31. She was our first experience with a rescue Cairn. Because of her, we also adopted Donald (who we just lost recently way too soon), and our little CP girl Tinkie (who was know to all as Yen when she was saved from her horrible breeding life).

Daisey is such a great Cairn and we love her so. So, here’s to you Daisey girl! The best darn Cairn on the planet!!

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