Monday, April 18, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Tried and convicted, no chance to be adopted. Their only crime ... being a Cairn. What are the chances of two little female Cairns finding their way to the same shelter from different owners at the same time, then being tried and convicted for being typical Cairns. Their crimes included possessiveness towards treats and food and being nervous and barky. Their only hope -- a rescue to pull them and quickly as they were at a large metropolitan shelter that takes in way too many dogs each and every day. Lucky for them, Col. Potter was able to grant them a full pardon and they are both now enjoying their spa treatment before heading to foster homes this weekend.

Please help me welcome our two newest cuties:

Leila: Female, black brindle, 17lbs, born 3/26/10 - Leila in Persian means dark hair

Flavia: Female, wheaten, 13lbs, born 4/3/09 - Flavia in Roman means yellow hair

Please remember the New Leash on Life is still running through Sunday, 4/17. We have a long way to go for a sell-out. Without the support from NLOL, many little Cairns like Leila and Flavia would not have an opportunity for a happily ever after. We also need foster homes.

Leila and Flavia, our dark and yellow haired cuties, WELCOME to the CP FAMILY!

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