Monday, April 4, 2011

Warning ! Xylitol (Sugarfree Gum) is TOXIC to Dogs

Written by a CP Volunteer

Hello everyone. I need to share some information with you. This is kind of long but very important.

Sugarfree Gum if it contains Xylitol is TOXIC to dog

Friday evening when I got home from work, I came in the house and dropped everything by the door. My purse, the diaper bag, and my computer. I unloaded William, fed the dogs, then proceeded to feed Will. I was in the dining room and could see Archie tearing something up. He was really going at it. I thought it was paper tag off some pants I had bought. I figured I would let him tear it up then clean it up once I finished feeding Will. So I finished up with Will, scooped him up and saw that it was actually a pack of gum Archie had torn up and ate. I immediately called the vet, to which no one answered. I called Mark (he was at work of course) and he kind of laughed and said, I don't think you have anything to worry about but call the vet and leave a page. So, I got online and googled gum and dogs. OMG...sugarfree gum contains something called Xylitol. TOXIC to dogs. And guess was sugarfree gum Archie ate.

So, I called the vet, he returned my call. He did confirm my internet finding that Xylitol is toxic and he said we needed to move quickly. Since it had just happened, he said to give him peroxide, every 10 minutes until he throws up. So I put Arch in the tub, dumped peroxide down his throat and waited what seemed like an eternity. He finally vomited. He had just eaten so all his food came up too. I could see the gum, two big piles of gum and food. He vomited until that yellowish stomach juice came out. So then I called the vet back and asked if there was anything I should look for, or expect. He said that since he threw up the yellowish stomach stuff, that means his stomach was empty b/c that comes from past the stomach. He told me to wait a while, give him some Kaopectate to help settle his stomach. He said he would be lethargic, restless, and his tummy would be sore. He said to call him immediately if he had any seizures or his gums were turning white.

Well, my mom rushed over to help me out with William while I tended to Archie. Archie was fine. He wanted to play with his toys and was asking my mom for attention (typical Cairn boy). So needless to say, he was okay, I'm still watching him for any delayed reactions. I woke up every hour and check him. My poor sweet boy was almost gone because of a STUPID pack of sugarfree gum he had dug out of my purse. I will never buy gum again.

Please share this information with everyone you know. Who would have thought that something simple like sugarfree gum could kill our furkids???

Here are some links with more info.

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Tanya Knight Ruffin said...

One thing I discovered (after my cairn ate a whole pack of 15 sticks) was that Wrigley's Extra has aspertame NOT Xylitol. It's now the only gum allowed in my house!

Anonymous said...

This is incorrect.....Wrigleys extra does contain Xylitol as below

•Acesulfame K