Thursday, May 26, 2011

Col. Potter to the rescue in Joplin

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Col. Potter gets many of our rescues out of commercial breeding facilities. A lot of those are in the Joplin area and we have a vet there that we use regularly. That vet stores crates, etc. for us. After the tornado we called to find out that the other 2 clinics in town were demolished leaving him the only one open. He was taking in tons of animals and working like he never worked before to help the injured animals. He had used Col. Potter crates and hoped it was OK. Of course it was.

Col. Potter is an organization with heart. During and after Katrina we helped in all sorts of way. The same with Hurricane Rita. And now, just as with Katrina and Rita, unasked help just sprung up.

Below is a post from one of our wonderful volunteer husband and wife teams who live in IA and decided to go to Joplin to drop off supplies. BTW they had just finished an almost 1300 mile transport last weekend with the husband just getting his leg out of a cast. But, if help is needed, someone in CP always finds the time and energy to help.

Col. Potter was founded ten years ago to rescue Cairn Terriers. To my personal and certain knowledge during these years the Col. has rescued not only Cairns but numerous other breeds of dog as well as several cats. There are also more than one or two people who have been given a helping hand as well.

Tonight we packed our car.

Col. Potter volunteer getting packed

Have to pack the back seat too

We have donations from friends, family and strangers. We have Col. Potter's crates and beds and grooming supplies and just about anything that we could think of and at the last moment our son Adam, who was helping us pack the car, reached up onto the garage wall and lifted down the carefully furled and stored American flag and said

"Mom, you just donated Old Glory"

Almost ready to close the hatch - Old Glory inside

What a fitting addition to our trip.

We will be on our way before first light. Wish us luck folks....

They left about 6:30AM IA time yesterday. About 3PM they reached the vet clinic. It was organized chaos. They unpacked their car and were back on the road to IA about 3:30. In a way very characteristic of CP they waited for no personal accolades or the like. Unpack and go. And they are on their way home to wait until they are needed again. (Of course they are constant fosters and do all sorts of other things for CP but never hesitate to jump in and go to where help is needed.)

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