Saturday, May 14, 2011

I really learned what Cairns are all about : long story

Contributed by a CP Volunteer in Arizona

I had the most horrific and wonderful (If that's the right word) experience this weekend. I was sitting at the counter in the kitchen (which is right next to the patio door) having my morning coffee. Toran was outside sniffing for the best place to go. Murphy, having already gone, is taking his morning nap in the master bathroom (over looks the patio). I hear this wild screech from Torran and race outside (1-2 seconds) and I see Torran chasing a coyote over the 6' wall. Wrong side for the coyote to go. The outside of this wall goes down much lower than the inside. So I am hoping he broke a leg. I say to Torran you are a brave little man, and proceed to check him over for any mishaps. I find puncture wounds on his neck. Minimal bleeding. No major damage. I also find some hair from the coyote where he attacked Torran, and wondering how did Torran break free from this coyote. I now recall, that they were bred for just this thing. Coyote is bigger than a fox, but less dangerous than a badger. I am putting up a sign....Coyotes Beware.....Torran is here. We did go to the vet and he was amazed, well not really, about the breeds tenacious attitude. Torran is on antibiotics. No stitches needed......hope the coyote fared far worse

Coyotes are very brazen here. They have been known to attack small dogs on leashes being held by their owners. Have also read that a pack of coyotes attacked a women who worked at the Fry's (Kroger) deli, who went outside for her break with her apron on.....the smell of meat. Hate what we have created in these fear of humans. Most people think they are cute and feed them and put water out for them. Here in AZ it is not necessary to have a permit to shoot them. I hate that idea, but they are becoming extremely dangerous for us. Everyone, just beware of these dangerous predators. They are now found in Manhattan's central I have seen on GMA.

Note from CP Blogger: With 'urban sprawl', coyotes are appearing all over the country and becoming a threat to pets and their owners. This blogger knows of similar occurrences in Connecticut and South Carolina so this is NOT an isolated incident. Pet owners need to be aware and prepared.

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