Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In Praise of Foster Moms and Dads

Contributed by a CP foster mom

Every single player in the remarkable organization that is Colonel Potter's Cairn Rescue Network is essential to our success and to the future happiness of these adorable dogs. From officers of the Board who clearly give hours of time each week, to lurkers on the list serve who may chime in from time to time or simply follow the escapades and hold a good thought for those who need support.

But we must never forget that, at the heart of everything, is the irreplaceable network of Foster Homes who nurture these frightened and confused dogs, teaching them house manners, trust, and the joy of being free. Each foster parent puts a piece of their heart, a ton of their time, and a generous helping of patience and good humor into the mentoring of each dog that passes through their home. Without them, there would be no point in rescuing anyone. Without them, very few of these damaged fur-kids would have a chance to successfully transition into a dedicated guardian, trusted companion, and entertaining little scamp.

I suppose we all know this intellectually but trying fostering may be the only way to truly gauge and appreciate the depth and breadth of their contributions. I took that step not too long ago and have been blown away by the experience. There is no way we can praise or thank them enough for what they do.

To my chagrin I have had to conclude that I'm not very good at this with all the other challenges in my life right now. These exquisite volunteers are SO compassionate that they are willing to step up to help even me, by taking in my current foster so they can help him grow to the next level. Imagine! Remarkable¦ At the same time, now that I fully appreciate the dedication required and the rewards that accrue, I am better prepared to step up again when my life circumstances allow.

If you haven't tried fostering, please seriously consider taking the plunge. It will open your eyes as nothing else can to the secret heart of our effort, and will deepen your appreciation for those whose ministrations work tiny miracles every day. And even if, like me, you find you can't do it long term, you will be making a difference for one or more Cairns an experience that will keep you smiling for years to come.

Foster moms and dads I salute you!!!

Note from CP Blogger: If you would like to find out more about fostering a cairn, please click here. Col. Potter has a wonderful network of volunteers to assist you.

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