Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life with Hazel

Written by Hazel's foster mom

Hazel has perfected the balance beam in her quest for the ever elusive chipmunk(s) Here's the set-up. I had a small section of fence that divides the side part of the yard (with the shed) from the main part. This is rather handy since I can close off that section when I am getting the mower out, etc. so I didn't have them remove it when they put up the BIG fence. I have so much brush from my trees that there are piles on either side of the fence. That doesn't stop Miss Hazel - She has figured out how to jump up there and patrol the area. In addition to the brush piles, the chipmunk goes regularly under the shed (several Hazel dug holes there) and in the shed (she ALMOST got him in the bottom of the wood pile)

So this weekend we had chipmunk sightings or soundings first under the screened in porch. She started digging and wacking her paws against the lattice to try and get under there. So I grab a big piece of fencing and spend about a half hour tying it up against the lattice so she can't get under the porch. FOILED!

Then he is heard in the downspout of my gutters on the other side yard.I heard him too so she wasn't dreaming. Grabbed her and her Mom and took them in - then I came and rapped on the spout to get the little critter OUT of there! Back out they came to worry at it some more. Hazel pulled off the part of the gutter that comes unhitched and dragged it into the middle of the yard to discover it was empty. I think I put it back on 3 times after she kept pulling it off. In order to make sure she didn't destroy my downspout, I found MORE fencing and managed to get the whole thing fenced in. She patiently sat beside this fencing for most of Saturday and early Sunday until she figured out he must have left.

She's 10 years old and she's making ME 100 YEARS OLD!!! What a Cairn........ Good thing it was a nice weekend - if it had been raining,I would have been cursing.

Hazel is being fostered in Vermont. If you would like to learn more about her, please click here.

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