Saturday, May 14, 2011

Practicing the art of pleasing your Cairns

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Darby and Finn

Yesterday, we practiced the art of pleasing your Cairns.

1) Ask dogs if they want to go for a ride in the car

2) Do not get between the Cairns and the door as the particularly bouncy
Cairn (Finn) who LOVES car rides will knock you over to get to the car.

3) Tell the bouncy Cairn, 'no, that's the neighbor's car, ours is the
Subaru. Just like it is every day.'

4) Load the bouncy Cairn and the 'I like to go everywhere with you but
I'll be darned if I act like HIM' girl Cairn (Darby) into the car.

5) Drive to the Nature Glen, trying not to laugh out loud when the
excited whines turn into a feverish pitch in the back of a car as you
get closer.

6) Fail. Laugh loudly as your Cairns hurl themselves at the securely
fashioned lift back, whining frantically.

7) Open lift back, wrap bouncy Cairn's leash around wrist twice so he
doesn't hurl himself out while you lift the little princess (what?
isn't being my personal elevator part of your job?) out of the car.

8) Ramble through the Nature Glen, allowing plenty of sniff and
pee/marking stops. It's THEIR walk, not yours.

9) Get payback for the many pee/marking stops by making them sit for

10) Circle back to the car for yet ANOTHER car ride. (did you say car
ride? Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy...)

11) Provide water

12) Take more pictures of them inside the car (enough with the camera
already, you silly human servant...)

13) Drive around in the car

14) Return to the canine castle

15) Feed the returning adventurers

They are exceptionally easy to please as long as you do exactly what
they want you to do.

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