Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Most of your Tropical Flowers are a little tougher, a little stronger and their blooms last a little longer than many other flowers. They tend to have a waxy coating and appear in vivid, stunning colors.

Recently, three little girls made their way to Col. Potter that could most definitely fit the description of Tropical Flowers. They have found freedom for the first time in their lives and it certainly took strength and toughness for them to survive to this point. They now get the chance to blossom and bloom into the beautiful Tropical Flowers they were named for.

Lotus - born 3/17/03, dark wheaten brindle

Orchid - born 6/13/02, gray brindle with black markings

Plumeria - born 6/13/02, black brindle

Many people only want to consider the younger furkids. These Tropical Flowers have had to sacrifice their early years through no fault of their own. Now, they are ready to make up for lost time and really show you how they can become the most gorgeous Tropical Flower in anyone's home. Please consider opening your home to a furkid in need - BECOME A FOSTER HOME. Without our foster homes, these Tropical Flowers would have withered and died without ever knowing freedom and how truly beautiful life can be.

Please help me Welcome the Tropical Flowers - may their blooms last a lifetime!

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