Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eraser and Cindy U Busy week in Inwood , the rest of the story

Cindy U and Eraser
the wedding cake
This being the week befor a Scottish wedding the banns of marrage being said,the happy couple will do all the traditional things from the old days,creelingof the groom,giving of crockery and carrots,the feet washing and the popularchantie jumping,even the sgeadasachadh boy will the city hall look nice with thenew whitewash on it.

best of all is the hen and the rooster parties, i suspect big red and inky fingers will have the mayor in quite a state of disrepair tillthat night is over, we all want to thank everyone for the well wishes and goodwords for the happy couple and the wedding gifts are very pretty that they haverecieved and we thank you for them.

We wish Eraser and Cindy U many years of wedded bliss!

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