Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Pet-Saving Firefighter Tool

Conributed by a CP Volunteer

I saw this story and thought everyone would enjoy reading it. There is a nifty picture of a Cairn Terrier wearing this pet oxygen mask.

Firefighters try out a pet oxygen mask adapter Wednesday on Shelby, a Cairn terrier, during a demonstration at Clark County Fire Station No. 18 on East Flamingo Road. Invisible Fence, a company that sells pet products, is donating the adapters to all fire departments in Clark County through Project Breathe. The masks will help save lives of pets rescued from fires.

Note from CP Blogger: We applaud the efforts of Invisible Fence in donating these adapters but want to caution owners of cairn terriers that CP does not recommend this type of containment for cairns as they will take the 'hit' to escape but not to come back.

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