Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Use Caution with big dogs in pick up trucks

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Not that it will be news to everyone, but be careful of reaching out to pet teddy bear looking dogs in pick up trucks in parking lots.

(Note from CP Blogger - this photo is for illustration purposes only - it is NOT the dog at Costco)

I was at Costco today and after putting my groceries away, I was taking the cart to a cart corral. As I was walking away toward the corral, I simultaneously heard a deep bark and a startled outcry. The barking continued with deep, serious woofs and when I turned aroundt to see what had prompted the noises, I saw one woman leaning forward and holding her arm straight down with her hand left limp and it was showing some red from blood. Her friend was looking at her with great concern. I didn't really have anything to offer except maybe going in to Costco to page the person with the dog, but the unhurt woman got a sheet of newspaper from her trunk and wrapped her friends hand and lower arm in it and looked like they were going into the Costco. I watched them a little more, but they weren't looking around for assistance, so that was that.

After putting the cart away, I stopped by the spot where the bleeding woman had been standing to confirm that there was blood on the ground and there was, at least a couple dozen drops. I walked to my car on the other side of the pick up truck and watched the dog. He once again just looked like a big, furry bear. Looked like it had a lot of Chow Chow, though probably a mix. It must have turned from a friendly looking furball into a aggressive biter in a flash. The truck was set up in contractor style with bed racks installed. It was well protected though it wasn't obvious from the dogs outward mannerisms.

Nothing new here. Just a reminder that it pays to be careful and not assume anything.

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