Sunday, July 17, 2011

Be careful when wetting down a double coated dog!

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

In this high heat and humidity-a reminder yet again on wet dog coats

Since a whole lot of us will have exceptionally high heat and humidity all week...this bears repeating and --if you are going to wet your dog down, MAKE SURE to wet down BOTH layers of coat...both the outer coat and the one next to the skin. if you don't, you are trapping the heat next to the body with the much heavier,wet outer coat and the dog will be even hotter...and keep those footpads cool with water...

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For a double coated or long single coated breed, you are better off only wetting the groin and abdominal areas, where the skin is thin and poorly haired, to allow for heat exchange. Wetting the back of these dogs actually traps water in the coat, and as this trapped water begins to vaporize it will increase the humidity around the skin, actually making the dog hotter.” To better help the trapping of air, keep your dog s coat well-groomed and clean.

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