Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blinking LED lights for your dogs are Buy One get one free from CP until Monday

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

follow this link and if you order one before Monday, you will get two!

well, summer heat WILL end.

days will get shorter and nights will be longer and furkids will be on walks and potty time in the dark

nifty thing to keep track of them, esp. the precious dark brindle kids

an LED tag on their collars (Kim Kommando listed them on her newsletter this morning)

Keep Your Pets Safe!
With our blinking LED light

Guardian Gear Flashing Pawprint Shaped ID Tags (Collar Light)

Guardian Gear Flashing Pawprint shaped ID Tags are perfect to help keep your pet safe at night. Great for jogging, night walks, camping or just letting you know where your pet is when he she goes outside. These lights fit virtually any collar

Sized for small-medium breeds or large breed pets
Pets are family too, keep them visible, keep them safe!

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