Sunday, July 31, 2011

CP foster Gruffyn, the 'Fierce' Lord

Itsy bitsy Mr. Gruffyn has joined the crazy crew here in OH.
Gruffyn actually means fierce lord but Gruffy is anything but!
He is a cute little bug although somewhat annoying in some
respects!! he got introduced to the other kids sooner than we
would normally have because we were desperately trying to get
him to poo for several days. Finally out with the other kids
Bunny peed and poohed and Gruffy copied her. ;)

Gruffy was taken to a shelter along with a big dog. Shelter
workers were told the big dog was aggressive but they put big
dog and Gruffy together. Big dog attacked little (12 lb.
sopping wet) Gruffy. Gruffy has a wound on the top of his head
and undernearth his chin. He also has lingering aftereffects of
pain which sometimes make him cry out when he's picked up. I'm
not sure Gruffy would have made it out of the shelter alive if
not for CP.

Gruffy does NOT like cottage cheese and "if you get that junk on
my kibble I won't eat it either" is his motto. ;) He's the
first picky kidlet we've had here in quite a while. I have to
stick all his tiny quarters and halves of medication inside a
bigger empty capsule. That is a HUGE help with this little
stinker. :)

If you look at the photos of his left side you'll see what
stunned my vet. She and I both say it's not thyroid related as
that would be at least somewhat symmetrical. It's not
malassezia as he doesn't smell 'yeasty' but he does have candida
in his ears. My vet said he looks as if his side were shaved
down and then he got terribly sunburned as the edges of the
damaged area are so regular. Why anyone would do that is beyond
me. He does have hair growing in.

Gruffy likes people and begs to be picked up and if not picked
up begs to be skritched. He likes the other dogs here. He has
loved the walks he's been on....but those are on hold due to the
high temps now.

He does NOT like getting his photo taken so I'm going to have to
become a stealth photographer....maybe I should ask for help
from celebrity journalists.....

Gruffy got two beautiful blankets from Auntie Pam Erickson this
morning. One for in his crate and the other for after he's been
bathed and the other blanket is in the wash. He will LOVE
these!!! He's definitely a cushiony-surface monger. LOL He's a
nice little old man (9 y/o) who deserves some good things to
happen to him for the first time in a long time.

Gruffyn is not yet available for adoption but he is being fostered in Ohio. You can learn about the cairns currently available for adoption by clicking here.

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