Saturday, August 6, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Debt ceilings, fiscal responsibility, budget cuts, additional taxes, good faith bargaining--no matter what side of the aisle you favor, let's hope the politicians can put aside their party differences and come to an agreement soon!

While the world holds its breath to see how this will all play out, Col. Potter already has Balance the Budget. No, this is not a statement on the financial well-being of CP, but rather a statement of how CP continues to help the Cairns in need. Balance the Budget are four little Cairns who found safety and security in the loving arms of Col. Potter from some very hot and harsh conditions.

I am pleased to introduce CP's version of Balance the Budget!

Debit: Female, wheaten with dark tips, 4 years old

Revenue: Male, dark brindle, 6 years old

Credit: Female, light wheaten, dark muzzle, 10 months old

Fiscal: Male, dark brindle, 6 years old

These furkids are all getting some much needed vetting and spa treatment this week before moving to their foster homes this weekend. My thanks to the volunteers who had a very long trip to get these kids and a smelly drive home.

Remember Col. Potter can only help as many Cairns as we have the resources for including both foster homes and finances. Please consider becoming a foster home and Balance the Budget thanks you for your financial support!

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