Friday, August 19, 2011

Emergency Long Distance Downs from Taming the Wildside Dog Training

Contributed by Taming the Wildside Dog Training

Check out our new video! Learn a fun way to train emergency sits and downs and see how it could save your dog's life! Training important behaviors can all be done through games, clickers and targeting! Everyone loves strengthening their sits and downs in the hoops!! Once the dogs learn that there is a great reward in offering behavior in the hoops, they could not wait to get there!! So always have fun training, make it a game, relax and enjoy what your dog has to offer! If they make a mistake, it is not a big deal, just break the training into smaller steps!! Such a fun way to teach, but the importance of the behavior could be enormous!! Great job Advanced Family Dog class!!

or click here to watch on youtube

Thank you Terri Elkins, trainer at Taming the Wildside in Fort Worth, Texas, for sharing this with us. Please visit Taming the Wildside's blog by following this link.

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