Thursday, August 25, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

We all have heard the heinous story of Jaycee Dugard and her two daughters. Jaycee was abducted as a child, tortured, abused, made to live in horrendous conditions and used for her abductor's own predatory needs. There seem to have been so many chances and opportunities for authorities to have discovered what was going on over the years and put a stop to this insidious couple and their unspeakable crime. Jaycee and her daughters were finally discovered better late than never and reunited with her family. They are now all working hard at learning about freedom, love, trust and care.

Two little Cairns could be compared to Jaycee and her daughters. These little girls have spent their lives in horrendous conditions and served the needs of someone else. They were referred to not by a name, not even a color, but by the year of their birth- '04 and '01. Think about it. That makes them 7 years old and, yes your math is correct, 10 years old ... Better Late Than Never.

When these two cairns came to CP, they had horrible dreadlocks, mats, caked on feces and rotten teeth. One of them has dewclaws so long they were wound around and growing into the flesh of her paw. Both of them had horrible slimy, sticky fur. In the following photos, you will see them after they both received a spa treatment including baths, cut nails, trimming out the mats and dreadlocks and some grooming.

And so, Better Late Than Never, may I present:

Jaycee - red wheaten, 10 years old

Starlite - black brindle, 7 years old

I know many foster homes don't want to open up their homes to a 10 year old because they think they will never get adopted. People thought Jaycee Dugard would never be found, or at least not alive. CP's Better Late Than Never Jaycee has waited her whole life for this opportunity, to learn what love is, a soft bed to lay in, being in a home, all the things we give to our own furkids each and every day of their lives. Won't you please consider giving those basic things to this little girl who has waited so long for them. Please consider signing up to be a Col. Potter foster parent or donate to our rescue efforts.

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