Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Throughout the ages women have had to fight for rights and freedom. That fight for freedom continues today for many Cairns, female and male. Luckily this week two female Cairns have persevered and finally won the war to gain their freedom. The spoils of victory are something they have just begun to dream of, but will now become reality.

In history there were two legendary Warrior Queens who waged war in their efforts to restore freedom to their people and right an injustice.

Cordelia, legendary Queen of the Britons, was her father Leir's favorite, but when Leir divided his kingdom, Cordelia refused to flatter him, so Leir did not bestow any land to her and so Cordelia moved to Gaul. Eventually Leir was exiled from Britain and fled to Cordelia. She raised an army and invaded Britain defeating the ruling dukes and restored Leir to power. Upon his death, Cordelia returned to Britain and was crowned Queen which she remained until her nephews became of age. They despised the rule of a woman, raising armies who fought against Cordelia's armies. Cordelia fought in person at numerous battles, but was eventually captured and imprisoned by her nephews, where she ultimately committed suicide.

Boudica's husband had been ruler of the Iceni tribe, ruled as a nominally independent ally of Rome. Upon his death he left his kingdom to his daughters and the Roman Emperor. His will was ignored by the Roman Emperor, and Boudica and her daughters were viciously attacked and raped. Boudica rallied the Iceni people along with others in revolt against the Roman Empire. They destroyed and captured many roman cities and strongholds during the revolt, only to be defeated in the Battle of Watling Street. Boudica, Queen of the Iceni tribe, who was of royal descent and described as having greater intelligence, reddish-brown long hair, a harsh voice and piercing glare, killed herself so she would not be captured.

Cordelia and Boudica, Warrior Queens both, fighting for freedom and independence. In the case of CP's Warrior Queens, both will never have to fight again. Their war is over and they have won their freedom.

Cordelia: 8-10 years old, wheaten

Boudica: 5-7 years old, red wheaten

While the fight may be over for these two Warrior Queens, it continues for many others across the country. Please remember CP can only rescue as many as we have resources for including foster homes, volunteers to work within CP and of course, financially. Cordelia, Boudica and all the other Cairns rescued by Col. Potter thank you and hope you will continue to support them.

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