Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing our newest Angel....

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Can you imagine being scared, hungry, dirty matted hair filled with flea dirt, deformed left eye and in excruciating pain whenever you move? But you are a Cairn and don't give up easily, and so, it still took the dog warden two days to catch this little bundle of energy. Even though she is estimated to be only 2 years old, a mere 13 pounds and absolutely adorable, the shelter quickly deemed her unadoptable, leaving only two options; go to a rescue or be euthanized. Most rescue groups wouldn't even consider taking a dog with unknown, severe medical conditions, but Col. Potter is not most rescues!

Lolette would scream in pain when she was touched. Our vet immediately started her on pain and anti-inflammatory meds to ease her suffering and make her more comfortable. Even so, the pain was so severe, she still had to be sedated to complete the exam.

The exam revealed:

- Grade 1 Luxating Patellas on both knees

- Congenital eye condition called Congenital Microphthalmia, basically a birth abnormality where the eye did not complete its development thus resulting in an abnormally small eye. Her eye is hydrated, and thankfully not infected. This eye condition is something that will have to be monitored.

- Complete Iliealsacral fracture on the left side

- Partial Iliealsacral and possible Acetabular fracture on right side

- Pelvic fracture

No wonder this little girl was in so much pain!! Sadly, this was the good news...

Lolette has Subluxation of her right femur, in laymans terms, her femur is not resting in her hip socket, it is dangling by tissue. Options include:

- "Closed reduction", a procedure to put it back into place

- Femoral Head Osteotoectemy (FHO), a procedure that would have to be performed by an Orthopedic Surgeon where they cut off the head of the femur, pulling it down, which will allow the right leg to be weight baring again.

- Ampuation of her leg

If nothing is done, she will be in constant excruciating pain the rest of her life.

The decision has been made to try the least evasive procedure on Lolette’s femur first, the closed reduction. If this works, she will be in for a slow, long and painful recovery. If it doesn’t, open surgery will be required.

As you can imagine, Lolette's medical bills are going to be sizeable and this little beauty would really appreciate your help. She will be one of our Guardian Angel cairns, a program that allows CP to take in cairns like Lolette, in the most desperate need of medical care and assistance. Click here to donate to help offset the cost of Lolette's medical bills.

Your tax-deductible donation will help CP help Lolette on her road to recovery!

Also, don't forget the A New Leash on Life fundraiser . Lolette is only one of the Cairns that CP rescues that needs your help. There are so many others just waiting at the gate to open and let them in to have a chance like Lolette.

Despite her severe pain and suffering, underneath all the matts, dirt and fleas is a little sweetheart. This afternoon one of the vet techs carried her back inside from a potty break and laid down next to Lolette in her crate to give her some love. What did Lolette do? She tried to rollover and give her belly for a rub...

At this point I would normally ask for everyone to give Lolette a big warm CP welcome. However, this little girl is going to need so much more…… won't you please open your heart and your wallet to help Lolette?

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