Monday, October 3, 2011

Outside Activities for Yourself and your Dog

Town and Country Veterinary Clinic
by Allie Mac

Having Fun with your Dog Outdoors

Ah, the wonder and beauty of going outside in the sunshine to get fresh air and have some fun with your dog. There are plenty of things you can do outdoors that can provide both exercise and mental stimulation for both of you. Plus, activities outdoors also helps to use up some excess energy, and have some bonding time with you and your dog.

Doggie Play Date

One of the most enjoyable activities for you and your dog is to find a dog park and have some fun with other dogs and their owners. It gives you a chance to meet some fellow dog lovers and it teaches you dog to socialize with other dogs and have fun. Be sure to bring the appropriate baggies to clean up after your pet. Be sure to bring some cool water and treats for yourself and your dog. You can even bring a few extra doggie treats to give to your dog’s new friends. If there isn’t a doggie park near you, maybe you can arrange for a time to meet some other dog owners at their home or they can come to you.

Try Some Frisbee or other Outdoor Games

Another fun thing for you and your dog to do outside is to throw around a Frisbee or a ball. Dogs love to fetch things and run after things, so this gets your pet some well deserved exercise and bonding time with you. Another outdoor activity is going on a bike ride or a run with your dog. There are special leases you can use when you ride a bike with a dog, but be sure not to go too fast so he can’t keep up with you. The same things go with jogging with your dog, if you must keep him on a lease, then be sure to keep the pace with him while you jog.

Taking a hike With your Dog

Another fun activity outside is going on a hike with your dog. You can walk around the neighborhood or even find an actual trail to get some walking and hiking exercise with your pet. You should start out slow and not go all over town if your dog isn’t used to walking long distances. When you both have built up your ability to walk around more, you can go on longer all day adventures. Be sure your dog has had flea and tick protection and that you bring water and take a break as needed.

Visit a Pet-Friendly Outdoor Café

Some outdoor cafes are pet friendly and you can go to have a snack or a coffee with your dog if he is well behaved. Keep him from bothering other diners and be sure to bring baggies in case he needs to go to the bathroom. You should attach the leash to your chair leg, not the table leg. That way you can hold him down easier and not have him dragging the table around if he all of a sudden takes off. Also, don’t feed your dog from the café’s plates, as this is against the health department codes. You should bring your own dishes for that purpose.

Water Activities

Another fun thing for you and your dog is water sports. This can help you both cool off and some dogs love to swim. You should also get an approved pet life preserver just in case. There are also lots of toys that you can get that are waterproof and that you guys can have lots of fun with. Or, you can take your dog along in a boat or canoe to also have some fun.

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