Saturday, October 15, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Some of the Cairns that find their way to Col. Potter never had a chance to enjoy and experience puppyhood. Many are middle age and some even seniors when they finally get that taste of freedom. They never got to do and experience all the wild, crazy things and adventures that most Cairn puppies do. Now, I will agree with you that raising a Cairn puppy can be a real challenge, but would any of you ever want to deprive them of this time of carefree abandon in their lives?

One little male Cairn puppy got lucky this passed week and won his freedom joining the Col. Potter family. He has a special spot in my heart as his name was donated by members of the Rescue/Intakes Team in memory of my boy Hawthorne, who was one of those Cairns that didn't have a chance to be a puppy and enjoy puppyhood. Hawthorne didn't find freedom until he was 7 years old and was still taking baby steps to embrace it when he went to the Rainbow Bridge this passed May at 15 years old. I called Hawthorne my Brown Boy and so the name I chose to honor and remember by Hawthorne is Brownbee.

And so, I ask you to give a warm welcome to Col. Potter's newest member of the family--and certainly one of the cutest--Brownbee! Brownbee is just 4 months old and a cute litte boy. I think my Hawthorne is smiling down his approval that Brownbee will get to enjoy all the puppyhood Hawthorne never did.

If you would like to remember someone, the Name a Cairn Program is a wonderful way to do so. It also makes a great holiday gift for that hard-to-buy-for person.

Lastly, please don't forget our New Leash on Life fundraiser is running and we really need your support so that we can continue to help Cairns, just like my Hawthorne and his little namesake, Brownbee.

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