Monday, November 28, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

There are many different types of coats and they all come in a wide variety of colors these days. Gone are the days of dull, drab colors. With winter fast approaching, at least in the north, the vibrant outside colors of spring and summer are gone and the only splash of color now seen outside is that of a colorful coat. Well, more than people have Coats of Many Colors! The little furkids that we all work so hard to help have some of the most colorful and beautiful coats found anywhere. Cairns truly have Coats of Many Colors.

Last week, seven beautiful Cairn Coats of Many Colors joined the Col. Potter family. Once again, a very special little angel with a passion for black brindles has been at work rounding up our Coats of Many Colors:

Cloak - Female, black brindle, born 6/13/02 and her sister

Cape - Female, wheaton, born 6/13/02, sister to Cloak

Jacket - Female, black brindle, born in 2006

Parka - Female, black brindle, born 7/4/09

Basque - Female, black brindle, born 2/12/08 and her sister

Toggle - Female, black brindle, born 2/12/08, sister to Basque

Slicker - Male, black brindle, born 6/30/06

My thanks to Marlene and Chuck and our very special vet who provided the transportation for the Coats of Many Colors to reach freedom.

Please help me Welcome the Coats of Many Colors, who I know will have more than just their coats to keep them warm this winter. They will also have the loving arms of Col. Potter wrapped around them.

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