Thursday, December 15, 2011

Please Welcome Clifford!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Clifford is a little 12 lb, 2-3 year old male cairn who should probably be named LUCKY! About a month ago, Intakes received a phone call from a woman who found a little cairn running loose on a very busy 4-lane road. She stopped traffic and got him into her car. He had on a collar and tags, so she assumed she would be able to locate his owner and return him. She tried all the recommended methods and after 2 weeks with no response, she asked if we could take him. On the day we were going to get him, his owner finally returned one of her calls and wanted him back. So she returned him. Case CLOSED!

Wrong! Last week his name showed up in a shelter search, so we checked with the shelter to see if it was the same little cairn. Sure enough, it was him. Found again running loose on that same busy road, but this time he was picked up by Animal Services. Since he’s microchipped, they had to hold him for 7 days to allow the owner enough time to reclaim him. They never showed up! So he’s finally safe in the arms of Col. Potter and very lucky he didn’t get hit by a car.

Welcome little boy! No more dodging traffic for you!