Thursday, December 1, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

We've all experienced that devastating loss of someone so special and close to us, whether a human or canine. Sometimes it feels like our hearts have strings attached that are being yanked and pulled so hard our hearts are going to come out of our chests. The heart strings are pulled even harder when they pass at a younger age, well before their time should be up.

This pased weekend, two little Cairns found their way to freedom, hoping that someday, they too will have someone's heart to love them. Both of them are named from our Name a Cairn Program in honor and memory of two very special souls that attached themselves as heart strings to those that love them.

It is my privilege to introduce Heart Strings:

Cindie Jo - Female, born 4/15/05, wheaten.

Cindie Jo's name was donated by Vicki R. in memory of her sister, who was the one who "found" CP online for Vicki after her first Cairn had died and she was ready for another dog. So, all of Vicki's history with CPCRN is thanks to her sister, Cindie Jo. She was a blonde all her life and so it is only fitting that her namesake be a beautiful blonde as well.

Handsome - Male, born 1/24/06, black brindle.

Handsome's name was donated by my wonderful Rescue, Intakes and Transports Team Family in memory of my Harvard, the most handsome black brindle boy ever, who left me when he was way too young and much too soon. He continues to control my heart strings to this day and always will.

The heart holds onto love forever and I know these two precious little furkids will one day have control of someone very special's heart strings. Until then, they have two very special angels watching over them ...

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