Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome Mork & Mindy!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Remember back a few years when a new television program debuted with an unusual character - Mork from Ork? One of the first questions asked regarding Mork and his egg was "What is it?" Ironically when Mork and Mindy arrived at a local shelter, the shelter director looked at each dog and asked "What is it?" The answer: cairn terriers!!! The shelter promptly got these two cairns to a groomer for baths and haircuts. It's hard to imagine how much better they had to feel after their makeovers!

Mork and Mindy's story is sad but true. They had an owner who loved them very much since they were pups. Then their owner became ill and as time went on grew progressively worse. The owner was unable to properly care for Mork and Mindy but couldn't part with them. Eventually other family members had the sad job of separating the owner from her cairns as the owner's health failed. Wanting a new family for the cairns they were taken to a 'safe' place hoping for the best. Fate was watching over these two cairns that day. CP's rescue team had recently been in touch with this shelter about another cairn. The shelter let the rescue team know that cairn had been adopted but there were two more who just arrived! CP's rescue team was on the case monitoring the two cairns until it was time for rescue.

Yesterday, Mork and Mindy made the trip to join Col. Potter!

Mork is an 8 year old black brindle boy.

Mindy is a 10 year young black brindle girl.

They both enjoy people, walking on leash and just being alive for what each day may bring. They always have a smile on their faces. Please welcome Mork and Mindy!

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Unknown said...

Thanks CP. Nanu-nanu Mork and Mindy.