Thursday, January 19, 2012

CP Gets Winter Chill

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

For many of us across the northern part of the US, we have lived a charmed life so far this winter, with mild temperatures and little or no snow. Here in the upper midwest, that came to a howling stop this week as we were greeted with falling temperatures, blowing winds and snow. Considering it was sunny just a few days ago with a temperature in the low 50's, today definitely had a Winter Chill to it!

Two little Cairns also experienced a big change today when they found freedom in the loving arms of Col. Potter and none too soon as the Winter Chill is setting in across the country.

Gloves: Female, black brindle, born 4/23/04

Scarf: Female, wheaten, born 3/22/05

My thanks to a very special rescue angel who made their rescue possible.

Please help me welcome CP's Winter Chill -- Gloves and Scarf. You will be warm and comfortable from here on out girls!

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