Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Please Welcome a Very Special Boy

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

This week a gorgeous black brindle boy joined Col. Potter. He's 4 years old, healthy, happy, and all cairn. When a cairn is in the process of coming into Col, Potter, Intakes receives photos as part of the process. The head of Intakes, Valerie, reviews the photos along with all the other pertinent information for each and every cairn. A lot of wheels turn in unison to bring a new furkid into Col. Potter. Sometimes it all works in strange ways.

This new boy is an owner surrender given up in hopes he could have a better life. We all want the best possible life for our cairns. Sadly there's times that life may be cut short despite all best efforts and love. Such was the case with Valerie's Harvard a few months ago. Harvard's leaving left a big hole in the hearts of many but especially his mom. However, Harvard has taken on a new role of guiding cairns to Col. Potter - especially the black brindles. Have you noticed how many black brindles have been making their way to Col. Potter lately? We believe our new spirit guide, Harvard, has a paw in all this. And he was at work today.

The opportunity to name a cairn was given to Valerie in honor of Harvard by some special friends. She had been waiting for just the right cairn to come along. When Valerie saw this cairn boy's photos, she knew this was the one, the one to bear a very special name in honor of her Harvard. The volunteer who brought this boy into Col. Potter said he is a calm cairn with a soft soul present in his eyes. As he walked across the clinic with a vet tech today, his head and tail were held high. This is not what we usually see with a new intake. He is spending some time at the vet clinic for his 'spa' treatment before heading to a foster home. Soon he will be ready for his new journey.

If you would like to honor the passing of a special furkid, your own or someone dear to your heart, please consider a donation to name a cairn. It will provide a way for their spirit to live on, guiding another cairn to a new life. It is my humble honor to introduce HARV.

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