Thursday, February 9, 2012

Introducing Engelhardt

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Please give a warm welcome to CPs new boy, Engelhardt. This amazingly sweet 5 year old wheaten boy comes to us needing safe haven from young, unsupervised children. At some point in his home, he suffered an injury, most probably when the toddler fell on him as reported by his owner. Despite his neck injury, pain, and imbalance, he is reported to be the 'sweetest dog I have met' by his treating vet!

When Intakes was made aware of Engelhardt, the owner gave us only hours before he would either take him to the local high-kill shelter, or to the vet to be euthanized. Why, you ask? Because Engelhardt had the nerve to growl when the toddler fell on him, and then again (with his injury and in pain already) when another child pulled his tail and hair.

The vet told us that there is no way the owner was unaware of an issue with Engelhardt. No way. Knowing this, not getting medical help, not telling us, he was handed over. In pain for an unknown amount of time. Had we NOT been able to get to him before the time limit, the high kill shelter would have euthanized him given his medical issues and his status as Owner Surrender.

I want to thank our volunteer who responded immediately to my plea for help to save this boy. We had only 6 hours to get him to safety. Despite a full schedule dealing with her own sick cairn, she responded IMMEDIATELY with 'let me know what needs to be done'. She found a local friend to pull and hold while she tended her own cairn, then she drove an hour one way to pick him up and then back home to get him to the vet. Today she will drive him to the airport for his flight, working to do this despite personal responsibilities, appointments, and commitments. It's volunteers like this that help to restore my faith in humankind, after dealing with owners like this!

Welcome, Engelhardt!! We are glad you are part of the CP family now.

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Alaskacairnmama said...

Aww....I hope he gets a forever home soon! With the there a chance to have a chiropractor see if an adjustment would help? My first cairn gets adjustments occasionally. Anyway, what a precious little boy!!!