Thursday, March 15, 2012

CP's Carolina has had her six puppies in freedom!

Contributed by Carolina's foster mom

Carolina with her toy

Carolina pre-delivery

We have wonderful news! Carolina, one of CP's newest intakes and part of CP's Tar Heels has had her 6 puppies today! There are no names yet but here are the 'stats':

Baby 1 dark brindle female 7.o ounces
Baby 2 dark brindle male 6.9 ounces
Baby 3 dark brindle female 7.5 ounces
Baby 4 black brindle male 7.2 ounces
Baby 5 dark brindle female 6.9 ounces
Baby 6 dark brindle female 7.6 ounces

Foster Mom says 'I'm watching to make sure there weren't any more hiding from the x-ray machine as her x-ray showed six, but the vet said with this many and the crowded conditions, it could be possible for one or two more to have been hidden. I'm hoping for her sake that wasn't the case. This is a lot of mouths to feed! And a lot of bums to keep clean! Carolina's worked hard all night - these were some pretty good> sized puppies. She's feeding them right now and cleaning them up again.'

We hope to have pictures to show you in the next day or two. Congratulations Carolina!


turquoisemoon said...

awwww!!! Can't wait to see these babies.

angelscairns said...

Congrats to momma Carolina on all her beautiful, healthy puppies!

THANK YOU Col. Potter (especially foster mom and dad and their birthing coach) for rescuing this girl and allowing her to have her LAST litter in the midst of love and care.