Friday, March 16, 2012

CP's Salisbury has 8 living pups! 2 sets of pups born in freedom on one day!

Contributed by Salisbury's foster mom

Salisbury and her pups

The Saga of Salisbury and her pups

Thursday, March 15th : Just got off the phone with Lori. Salisbury has had six puppies with the 4th being born deceased and appears like it has been for a while, but the other 5 are doing fine and Lori feels that there are still more. We don't have the boy-girl count. Lori's busy getting them to nurse and doing weights and counts.

Lori just called again and Salisbury had yet another puppy which is 7 live ones . . . and one that passed away prior to birth. There may be more.

YES, another one born at the vets office since it was stuck and poor Salisbury was just tuckered out. Another little girlie. Lori had to go to work and Mike is home safe now with Momma and new baby and they are all doing some fine dining with a menu of mommy milk. Salisbury had NINE puppies. She required a pit [oxytocin] shot but was pretty darn close to have to have a c-section.

Salisbury and pups are doing well. Mama is eating well and the pups all seem to be doing well nursing now. A couple were a little slow at first. We have 4 girls and 4 boys. Smallest was 4 1/4 and largest 7 1/8. Foster Daddy Mike did great with a little support from Danielle while I was at work.

Note from Blogger: We'd like to extend our thanks to Salisbury's foster parents Mike and Lori and congratulate Salisbury for doing so well with such a large litter. She just arrived at her foster home on Wednesday and had her pups on Thursday! She's had her last litter in freedom and she will get to enjoy them in a safe, warm and loving home.


Angela said...

Wow! NINE puppies! So glad that Salisbury and eight of the pups are all doing well. She will be a busy momma!

Thank you Col. Potter for rescuing this sweet girl and allowing her to have her last litter of puppies in freedom!

Thank you to foster mom & dad and the CP birthing coach for all you hard work and efforts - yesterday and in the days to come!

turquoisemoon said...

This just makes my day... Thanks to all of you!!! There's nothing more precious than a Cairn...oops!! maybe Cairn puppies! :)

Emma Green said...

Amazing that she had 8 healthy babies!! Such a large litter for such a little girl! I hope they all continue to grow and develop on track!