Thursday, March 29, 2012

Please Welcome Hula

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Please say hello to little miss Hula! This adorable, 7 year old, full of spunk and personality, little cairn girl arrived in the arms of Col. Potter a few days ago.

Hula was a family pet and in the past had several litters of pups. When Hula developed a couple of health issues (which may or may not have been related to being a mom) the owner contacted us because she was unable to provide the care she needed. After talking with the owner, and finding out how she was attempting to treat the issues, it was apparent Hula needed to become part of the CP family before she died.

Hula spent a couple of days at the vet to get checked over, properly diagnosed and stabilized, and has been hanging out with her foster mom for the past few days. What a personality this little one has! She’s doing really well being on a consistent schedule of good food and medication.

Thank goodness Col. Potter was able to help her!

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Anonymous said...

hello I am so glad to see on you tube videos that hula fka lola is doing well. being the former owner I treated her as instructed by my vet. which may have been the right treatment or not you have not answered any of my emails I have sent you quite often. giving her up was a difficult decission on my daughter and I, seeing that my husband and her father dying and losing him,and giving her up was another loss. I do appreciate all that coln potters rescue has done and if it was not for all the volunters and their valuable time that they give there would be many cairns without homes
thank you