Saturday, March 31, 2012


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

All of the furkids that join the Col. Potter family have a story to tell. Unfortunately, they can't talk and tell us exactly their life story. However, their personality, their mannerisms and, I think, their eyes do "talk" and tell their story. No matter where a cairn comes from, what path they have had to take to find their way to Col. Potter, it is a life altering event to be uprooted from the life you have known. With time, love and care, the trauma of those changes slips away and they blossom and bloom into the true cairn they were always meant to be and find their perfect forever after. This is what rescue is all about. This is what Col. Potter is all about.

Aunt Sarah is a 2 year old, beautiful wheaten girl who is learning about freedom and working on making the adjustments from her former life. Her name is a donated name from our Name a Cairn Program by our own Amy R. in memory of her dear aunt who passed away recently.

CP's Aunt Sarah has a very bright future ahead of her and I know she will find her perfect forever home where she will be the Cairn Princess she was always meant to be. Col. Potter is only able to continue helping cairns like Aunt Sarah through the support of all of you. Please remember our New Leash on Life raffle is now running and consider supporting Col. Potter by purchasing a ticket (or two).

Aunt Sarah, you have found your way to a very special family and we can't wait to see how your story unfolds from this point forward!

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Mary K.Hancock said...

Where is this cairn? She is the perfect dog for me I believe. I am in south Texas and travel often to central texas. Is it possible he is anywhere near? Mary K. Hancock, South Padre Island.