Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter pictures of Carolina's puppies at 3 weeks old!

Contributed by Carolina and her puppies' foster mom

 Here's Carolina's puppies at 3 weeks. We decided to go with the Easter theme. Of course,by the time I'd gathered up the baskets and stuff, we found the camera battery was low, so I had to send Barney to Wal-Mart late in the evening to get batteries since there wasn't a spare in the house when we got ready to take pics :-( The last two pics I found my basket wasn't long enough for six puppies. It's hard for us to get pics of Carolina feeding - she comes flying out of the puppy area as we open the den door, excitedly wanting to greet us at the ex pen gate and get attention. She's always been that way. I only know they're nursing well because they're all still gaining weight at a nice rate.







It's a basket full of puppies!

Hatteras weighed 28.9 oz, Beaufort 31.6, Bodie 30.4, Banks 29.2, Mayberry 26.1, and Appalachia 30.5 at tonight's weigh-in . Beaufort should be hitting that TWO POUND mark tomorrow, and possibly Bodie and Appalachia will, too. Mayberry is the smallest, but she's the most inquisitive. For her pics, she wanted to wander around in the basket and check out the plastic grass instead of holding still.
 She's also the most mobile .Appalachia is the fretter - she was whining and worried where everyone else had gone by the time we were done with her in a few short minutes. Banks is the model and not at all camera shy. They are all starting to develop their own personalities. They are peeing more at will instead of mom having to stimulate them - the pads are starting to be saturated and really need changing a few times a day instead of lasting multiple days. Mom's still taking care of the pooping department.

 They are becoming more vocal in their play and will give that purr of a puppy growl if they're disgusted that you've given them skritches or picked them up. Last night, I think it was Beaufort that was sleeping soundly when I was in weighing, and I startled him when I picked him up, and he gave me a big scream like he'd really been got! Next time I'll remember to give them some skritches and wake them up a little gentler if I think they're asleep instead of startling another. I usually enter the room and call puppy, puppy, puppies, and they all start scrambling now to be alert and see what's happening.

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