Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meet Gomez!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

CODE RED – Will be euthanized tomorrow morning. That’s the message that came in to Intakes about 4pm EST. Even under optimal conditions, that’s not much time to act. Three Intakes Coordinators got busy pulling out all the stops – checking databases for volunteers in that area, making phone calls, sending emails. We found a volunteer 4 hours away from the shelter who said “I’ll do whatever you need me to.” (Bless you Charlene!)

GREAT! Next step – call the shelter and put a hold on him and a note that our volunteer will be there tomorrow morning to pick him up. WRONG! Col. Potter is not an approved rescue at that shelter and cannot put a hold on him.

NOW WHAT? Pray that some other rescue saves him? Find an approved rescue that will get him for us? More phone calls, emails, searching the internet for local rescue contact information. Finally at 1:42 am, received an email reply from a local rescue saying she could get him for us. Next problem – he had been “rescue only” as the shelter had marked him as aggressive. We needed to know the facts before making the decision to take him. This rescue angel temperament tested him and said he was just a scared little guy. She had no problems handling him and he even allowed her to pick him up. She agreed to pay his get-out-of-jail fee and pull him under their rescue’s name and then turn him over to us after he was neutered and vaccinated by the shelter. Our other 4-hour-away rescue angel, drove to the shelter Friday, picked him up and delivered him to the vet for his spa treatment. And believe it or not, there’s yet another rescue angel waiting in the wings, who volunteered to drive him 1300 miles to his foster home. There truly are angels among us!

Without further ado: Please welcome Gomez – named after his first rescue angel. Gomez is estimated to be just 1 year old. We’ll know more about him over the next few days while he decompresses and settles in with the vet staff.

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